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Soft Textiles 12 Piece Machine Washable 8 x 8 Multiple Color Pot Holder Set Made of 100% Cotton

$9.99 $19.99

Featuring the Elegant Home Collection's 100% Cotton Dew Pot Holder Set, that combines practicality with creativity in the kitchen. This 12-piece set is imported and, made from premium 100% terry looped cotton, offers:

  • Heat Shield: With these pot holders, you can handle hot meals with safety and protection.
  • Versatile Service: Effortlessly transform them from stylish hot pads that protect your countertops to useful pocket oven mitts.
  • Just the Right Size: These potholders are the excellent size for all of your baking and food preparation requirements, measuring exactly 8" by 8".
  • Enough to Take: With this big 12-pack, you can be sure you'll never run out of these important kitchen allies.
  • These are simple to maintain: just wash them in cold water in the washing machine and set the drying setting to low.

improve your kitchen because elegance and safety should always go along with each other.

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