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Glass Towels 12 Pack 16"x 26" 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels Dish Towels Wine Glasses

$8.99 $19.99
Commercial Grade
• Towels especially designed to dry glasses without spots. They are thin and light, fast-drying and produce minimal lint.
• Classic white towels with red stripes complement any kitchen decor.
• Perfect addition for the "professional" chef in every family, these towels are similar to those used in many restaurant and hotel kitchens.

The Green Alternative to Paper Towels
• Save money: Buy fewer paper towels.
• Save the environment: Produce less waste.

Perfect Size for All Types of Glass Cleaning
• Dry stemware fast and easily with no spots or lint. Leave glasses without spots.
• Dry fruit and produce.
• Cover bread dough, freshly baked bread, and cold meat cuts.
• Can be used as BBQ or lobster napkins.

Multiple Other Uses
• Great towel for home bars.
• Light hand towel for workshop, garage and car.
• Ideal gym/workout towel. Keep a few in your gym bag.
• Great for shaving, drying razors and cleaning the counter/sink.
• Clean windows, mirrors and computer screens.

Washing and Care Instructions
Follow these instructions to preserve high product performance.
• Wash towels before first use to remove any impurities or germs that may have been caught during manufacturing or transportation.
• Wash towels in warm water with bleach for best results. Do not use fabric softener because it will make towels less absorbent..
• Dry towels in low heat/delicate cycle to minimize shrinkage.

Experience the benefits of 100% cotton dish towels.

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